Cable Tray is a unit, or assembly of units and associated fittings, forming a rigid structural system, used to securely fasten cables. It has become an integral part of industrial, commercial and utility construction. It has greatly improved safety, convenience, durability and aesthetic appearance of cable routing inside modern buildings, power plants, petroleum refineries, industrial projects, etc.

There are different types of Cable Trays for different types of cables, like, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage cables. Cable Ladders are generally used to support high voltage cables, Perforated Cable Trays for medium voltage cables and Cable Trunkings for low voltage cables. Depending up on the environment, Cable Tray is made from mill galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel and PVC coated steel. Supply demand for Cable Tray is very high, where there is heavy construction.

With great pleasure we introduce Orion Cable  Trays  FZ-LLC, manufacturers of different types of cable trays, like, perforated type, ladder type and trunkings, with all fittings & accessories. Cable tray is a unit, or assembly of units and associated fittings, forming a rigid structural system,used to securely fasten or support cables. Cable tray is an integral part of all major projects,industrial,commercial or utility. Cable Tray has greatly improved safety, durability and beauty of cable installations.

Orion Cable Trays was established in the United Arab Emirates, by a small group of engineers, with decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing of cable trays,all over the Middle East, to serve and support, the ever growing construction market of United Arab Emirates, and also other Middle East countries.  Orion Factory is equipped with most advanced Computer Numerical Controlled machines and full-fledged, design, quality and research departments. We hereby assure, continuous supply of high quality, cost effective cable tray products,and very reliable service.