• Material

    Cable Trays are made,either from corrosion-resistant metals or from metals with a corrosion-resistant finish. Orion Cable management products are made from carbon steel,cor-ten steel,stainless steel or aluminium

    Carbon Steel

    This raw material occupies 90% of cable trays manufactured all over the world.It combines good strength, economy and availability. It is given various non-corrosive coatings, according to its application.

    Cor-Ten Steel

    This is a high strength low alloy steel,especially suitable for high galvanized coating thickness. It has got high silicon content,and due to which,can be achieved up to 165 microns of coating thickness. This is most suitable for industrial plants,under-passes and tunnels.

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel products are designed for use in highly aggressive environment, either indoors or outdoors, on industrial sites where there are high levels of potent airborne pollution such as in certain chemical industries, cellulose-related industries, refineries, artificial fertilizer factories, high humidity tunnels etc. The fire resistance of stainless steel is particularly noteworthy. Tests have demonstrated that stainless steel cable supports can be expected to maintain their integrity for considerable periods, even when exposed to direct flame temperatures exceeding lOOo c. Stainless steel products are also used where special hygiene requirements are in force, such as dairies, abattoirs, food industries, pharmaceutical factories etc. Orion stainless steel products are made from either AISI 304 OR AISI 316L. The deciding factor in choosing between these two materials is the aggressiveness of the environment in which the cable supports are to be installed,and for this, atmospheric chlorine content plays significant role. Environments with high chlorine content -coastal areas being a prime example- usually require the use of AISI 316L.


    Aluminium is a rust free alternative to all other basic raw materials. It has got a special superficial coating of al2o3 (alumina) to protect from rust. Although it is very light in weight, it can take loads up to 40kg/mtr with a factor of safety of 1.6. The alloy we use for manufacturing cable trays and ladders are 6063-T6 alloy. It does not require any additional coating.

    Surface Finish

    All Orion Cable management products,made of carbon steel,are given non-corrosive zinc coating, in any one of the three basic forms, (1) Hot dip galvanized after fabrication.(2) Mill galvanized and (3) Electro Galvanized. In all case, the corrosion resistance of zinc is directly related to the coating thickness and harshness of environment.

  • Hot dip galvanizing after fabrication is the process of,chemically cleaning a steel product of all contaminant and then dipping in molten zinc, after the fabrication process is completed. The thickness of zinc coating depends on the thickness of the steel. Local coating thickness varies from 35-45 microns depending on thickness.Orion products are hot dip galvanized according to British Standard: BS EN ISO 1461(formerly ZS 729).

  • This is the process of fabricating products from hot dip galvanized steel sheets. The sheets are hot dip galvanized in the rolling mill, where they are produced, by continuously rolling steel coils through a bath of molten zinc. During fabrication where slitting,forming or welding is performed,the cut edges and heat affected zone of welding are subject to superficial oxidation. These areas are protected through electrolytic action of the adjacent zinc surfaces. This finish is usually used in normal atmospheric conditions. Mill galvanized cable trays are not suitable for,environments of chemicals or industrial wastes, coastal areas etc. Orion mill galvanized cable tray products conform to British Standard:

    BS EN 10142 (formerly BS 2989).

  • Electro-galvanizing is the process of zinc coating a product,by putting a negative charge on it and exposing to a solution containing a salt of zinc,whereby,the positively charged zinc ions in the solution are reduced to metallic form,giving a non-corrosive coating. Orion products are electro galvanized in accordance to Bs7371part 1:1991.